Easter Sunday Prayers

O God of life and redemption, we bring our abundant praises to you on this wonderful Easter Sunday. We marvel at your love and celebrate your mercy, which were demonstrated so vividly in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrate this day because of what you have done. Where we sowed sin, you repaid salvation; where we sowed rebellion, you reaped redemption; where we sowed death, you reaped life. On Good Friday, humanity offered you its cruelty and rejection; on Easter Sunday, you answered with grace and acceptance. How do we respond to such an awesome love? Help us, O Lord, to respond with faithfulness to the cause of Christ, who loved us all the way to the cross. Help us, O Lord, to respond with obedience to the One who was obedient to you no matter what the cost. Help us, O Lord, to respond with boldness as we proclaim the name that is above every name, the name that angels shout in triumph and that causes demons to flee in terror, the name that transforms and delivers, even the name of Jesus Christ, who rose on Easter Day. It is in his name we pray.

O God most high; all praise and thanksgiving be unto thee; for the multitude of thy loving kindness and tender mercies unto us; and to all men. It is right that we should at all times give thanks unto thee; but chiefly, this day, are we bound to praise thee, for the glorious resurrection of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord; who has taken away the sin of the world; who by his death hast destroyed death; and by his rising again hath brought us to everlasting life. To whom be all honor and glory; world without end.

We give thee thanks; that, having overcome the sharpness of death; He opened the kingdom of heaven to all believers; and that because He lives, we too shall live. Even now, having peace with thee through Him; we rejoice in the hope of thy great glory. Thanks be to thee, O God; who givest us the victory; through our Lord Jesus Christ; to whom, with thee the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all honor and glory; world without end.

Incarnate One, thou Servant broken on the tree, thou God assaulting death for all our sakes: triumphals, trumpets declare thee; bells, clamorous songs, all breath and tongues across the earth, the earth itself and all that is therein praise thy holy resurrection. Receive from us now, most blessed Lord, a jubilance above all other joys; for by thine Easter thou hast awakened all peoples to immortality, released our hearts from fear, and taught us the ways of thy compassion. Therefore, we give thee thanks and end-less adoration that all flesh shall at the last days stand, forgiven and loved, in the presence of the risen Lord, unto whom with thee and the Holy Ghost be all glory and honor, dominion and power, forever and ever.

Praise be to thee, O sovereign and majestic Lord; for in our rising thou art our strength, and in our going about thou art our protector, and in our failing thou art our deliverer. Though the air split with fire and the mountains of death arise around us, thou wilt dispel misery, thou wilt take away fear, and thou wilt con-quer death. Praise be to thee!

O God, how can we come before thee in sin who so rarely approach thee in adoration? O the wrong in us is great! We have been busy with the art of self-pity, the enjoyment of our angers, the feeding of our prejudices. We have wasted our days and dreaded our nights. We feel baffled, troubled at heart, and useless. Turn us now from the tangle and the idolatry to a plain path, to a trust in thee, and transform us by the steady arm of thy forgiveness into new men and women validly alive in all times and places because we are alive in thee; through Jesus Christ our resurrected Lord.

We give thanks, O Lord of the universe, that now and at the hour of our death you have provided the mighty resurrection for us and for all peoples, whereby accord-ing to your compassion the dead shall break forth into new life, and death shall have no dominion. We give thanks for the immortality always within us whereby we transform the world and its accidents and handle time and its stress and strain. Christ being raised from the dead, we give thanks that we are called as by trumpets and divine laughter to trust the days, honor the seasons, and believe in the coming age. Alleluia!

Gracious heavenly Father, who creates new life in us daily and promises that new life with thee is our final destiny: we pray thee for all who are bereaved). Heed their sorrows. Grant unto them, and to all who look into the bleak mystery of death, to see behind its dark visage the light of thy redeeming promise. Renew their hearts with a sure confidence that as all the world rests in thy providence so their loved ones rest now in thy loving presence. May the rejoicing of this day lift them from their sorrow into a new light of life.

Almighty God, the Lord and giver of life, in the joy of this Easter morn may we see ourselves anew in the mirror of the resurrection. Help us to open our reluc-tant spirits to the glad tidings of this day, that they may be sustained with the sacrament of gratitude and praise. Strengthen us to live a holy life now. May we learn again to walk with eager steps, as those who have been healed, who have heard the shouts of victory, who look to the day when every worldly care dissolves and every selfish concern is crowded out by thy presence. All this we pray in the name of him who is Victor over death, and Lord over life.

Gracious Lord, who intends that every hour wear the eternity of Easter: enter our prayers so that we speak as people of the resurrection who expect and hope for what they ask. Yet keep our concerns worthy of the calling to which we are called, and make our flesh and our wills ready to act on our words. As we beseech you for all in the world that needs mending, and for strength and hope to do our part and more, we ask especially that the world be rebuked, chastened, and loved into discovering again its true purpose in the praise of God and the love of persons; through Jesus Christ our risen and redemptive Lord.

O God, who in Jesus Christ turned the defeat of Good Friday into the victory of Easter, bringing dawn out of darkness and life out of death, make us faithful witnesses to the life-giving power of your crossbearing love. Keep us ever mindful of the Risen One’s promise that we would do even greater works than he. And send us forth, with hope renewed and zeal aflame, to labor in the vineyard of the Lord.

O Lord, as you have made disciples of us, now you send us into the world to make disciples of others. Go with us and be our guide, that the witness of our lives may confirm the testimony of our lips.

Almighty God who brings new life back again out of the deadness of the winter, we thank you for the symbol of everlasting new life you have given to us, the resurrection of your son, Jesus Christ. In him we see hope of new life in he midst of our despair over not being the people we would like to be. We pray that through your son, Jesus Christ, we might be able to die to our old life of hurts, frustration, and sin, and rise to a new life of love, joy, and peace. May we be able to rejoice with the disciples that Jesus Christ is risen indeed, and because of it, we can live also. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Our Father we come to you for your blessing to seal within our hearts the inspiration and memories of this Easter Day. You have demonstrated your great power in raising Jesus from the grave. Forgive us O Lord, for doubting such power in the midst of our small problems and many frailties. Forgive us for our lack of faith that begs for pennies when we could write checks for millions; that strikes a match when we could have the sun. Give to us the faith to believe that there is no problem before us that your wisdom cannot solve. Especially do we ask that as the Easter sun has risen upon us, may the warmth of Easter’s message also shine upon those who cannot worship with us because they are missing in action, or remain behind bars in prisoner of war camps. Let them know your power, too; may they soon be released. Now, for ourselves, our loved ones, for all mankind we ask a stout heart to bear our own burdens, a willing heart to bear the burdens of others, and a believing heart to cast all our burdens upon you. Hear our prayer and accept our praise and worship this day. In Christ’s Name.

To you, all powerful God, ever-present Father, we turn our thoughts on this special morning. Yes, on this day we are impelled to praise you for the glorious resurrection of your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who by his death, has destroyed death; who by his rising again has brought us everlasting life. We give thanks this morning for Jesus’ atonement for the world’s Sin, and we pray that you help each of us personally understand more fully what Jesus’ life, his death, and his living again, means in our lives today. Through every sharp pain of repentance and suffering we feel; for every effort to put aside all sinful ways; for every Christ-like thought and action we share with those around us, help us to come to know that your kingdom of heaven reigns within each of us here, now, to the degree that your Christ reigns within our hearts, and minds and lives.

Almighty God our Father, who showed your love for us by giving your son to atone for our sins and who promised us new life through our Lord’s resurrection, hear us now as we humbly approach your throne of grace. We give you thanks and praise for the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, for in him we are given hope; in him we find purpose; in him the power of sacrificial love is revealed. For the gracious love that reaches beyond the tomb and calls us to life, we give you all glory and praise. As we reflect on the glory of the resurrection morning, we are mindful of situations which need your life-giving power today. We ask that you would restore order to our disorganized world so that we can stop living from crisis to crisis and from war to war. Help our world know the peace of your leadership rather than the tensions of selfish human striving. Our country is very much a concern of ours today. In a time when many of our people are disillusioned with government, we ask that you would give wisdom to our president, the congress, and the supreme court so that their decisions would be acceptable in your holy sight and would lead America in the Christian principles upon which it was founded. Finally, Father, we pray for ourselves. Life has dealt harshly with many of us, leaving us with the idea that we are unworthy of respect, even self-respect. Some of us have had professional difficulties that have attacked our dignity, and others have suffered personal trials that test their ability to keep on going. In our darkest hour we pray for your light and in our moment of failure we pray for your strength. Whenever we stand on the precipice of life’s canyons, uplift us with your abiding presence so that we may not fall. Reach beyond the death-like grip of this world’s hold on us and bring us to the new life of living each day in your love. Hear our prayers gracious Lord, and if it be your will, grant their requests, for we pray in the name of him who taught his disciples to pray.

Ever-beckoning God, you continually call us from: apathy to action; callousness to caring, faithlessness to faithfulness, greed to generosity, haughtiness to humility, hopelessness to hope, meaninglessness to meaning, sadness to solace, sin to servanthood - in other words, from death to life. Forgive us for so often not heeding your call and remaining in the ruts that sink life below what it might and can be. Thank you for Easter. For its message is that we can grow and change; we can rise to higher planes of personal living; there is hope in the midst of our despair; there is joy in spite of sadness. As Jesus’ tomb stood open on that first Easter morning, on this Easter may our lives stand open to your spirit that can breathe into us newness of life. Fill us with the radiance of this day so that your love may stream in and through us, bringing light and life to a world that often walks in shadows and death.

Eternal, ever-loving, ever-present God of Easter and our everyday existence: Accept our accolades and ascriptions of awe and adoration as we assemble in this sanctuary today. Save us from a saccharine, sanctimonious, social celebration of what should be a saving, spiritual, and symbolic Sunday and season. Thank you for Easter’s teaching and truth that temptations, testings, troubles, trials, and tragedy can be transformed into triumph. Enable, energize, and empower us to the end that the evidences of Easter will be embodied and exemplified in our lives. Reawaken, renew, and redirect us so that we might rededicate ourselves to realizing the resurrection that reposes in our lives and desires release.

Lord God, our creator and redeemer, as the sun rises this morning, you are our strength and our song and our salvation. We rise early to praise you for your Son's resurrection, for in his victory there is power and promise and peace. Death is not the end of us. Sin will not finally conquer us. Evil has been overcome with good. Your presence takes our faltering faith and plants courage in our hearts. Your words to us are "Fear not!" You awaken in our hearts such faith as to enable us to grasp the future and trust in your providence. Father, we rejoice in all that you have done for us in creating this new day of grace. Assist us O God in receiving its blessings into good, joyful, and useful lives. In this time of new joy, we lift up before you the fallen world of which we are a part. You are more aware of our true needs than are we. Enter the lives of people everywhere to bring hope and healing. We pray especially for those who are homeless and hungry, lonely and despondent, those held hostage in foreign lands, and those who labor to rescue them. Drive from our hearts all apathy and indifference, and replace these with the fire of your love. All these things and whatever more we should ask, we pray in the name of your risen, reigning Son who taught us to pray, saying "Our Father....Amen.”

O Lord, for the presence of your Spirit who opens our hearts and minds to perceive the truth in your Son, our Savior, we are grateful. May that truth inspire us this morning. May we grasp its significance and know that the ultimate end of our quest for meaning and purpose rests in Christ, for he is the way, the truth, and the life. As a light shines in the midst of darkness, his resurrection calls us to live with hope and promise. His call is one which leads to inner peace, for through him the essence of who we are and of what we can be is made clear. By believing in Jesus, the door of salvation is open wide and with it release from guilt and sin. Thank you for being mindful of us, for being unwilling that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. For the love which compelled you to give your Son and which strengthened him to endure the cross, we are drawn to you. May the renewal of body and soul experienced through Jesus be known by us all. And may your presence encourage us to serve you faithfully forever. Bestow upon us now your favor and blessing.

O God, may we never forget the glory of Easter. To this end, stamp indelibly in our lives the meaning and message of this day: the assurance of your everlasting presence, the ultimate triumph of goodness over evil, and our possibility of new beginnings!

We praise you, O God, for the glory of Easter and for its message that day will succeed night, hope will vanquish despair, peace will prevail over conflict, love will conquer apathy and hatred, and life will outlast death! May our lives be so filled with the Easter spirit that it will shine through in what we say and do, just as it shone through in the life of Jesus, the Christ.

O God, with the memories of another glorious Easter still fresh in our minds, like the disciples of Jesus we gather on this first day of the week to celebrate the experience of resurrection: the promise of hope in the midst of despair, the possibility of new life before death, the assurance of continued life after death, and the reality of your spirit that is always present within and around us. May this and every Sunday be for us a “little Easter” that reminds us that Jesus is alive and that we are to be the body of Christ in the world today.