Good Friday Prayers

Hear, mighty Lord, how with one voice we speak our sorrow for our sins, those darknesses within that we set between ourselves and thee. O we are creatures of the little prides, the lazy mind, the meager trust, and the envious heart. The muddled world that we fear is our own creation. We are matted in by stupidities and nighted in by blindness. Take us now, thou majestic and merciful One, and teach us the hard lesson of forgiveness. Let the love we deny save us, even Jesus Christ our Lord.

On this Good Friday, O Lord, we recognize all that is not good about our lives, because it stands in such contrast to all that is good about you. We seem so concerned about our own comfort, but you sent your Son to a land where he had no place to call his home, no place to lay his head. We are consumed by advancing our own cause, but you sent your Son to become a sacrifice for others. We love ourselves most of all, but you so loved the world that you gave your only Son. This day is good, Lord, not because of anything we have done but because of what you have done for us. And because of your love and its incredible demonstration on the cross, we gather this day to confess our sins, to recommit our lives, and to praise your holy name. May the days ahead also be good ones, as your Holy Spirit works through our lives to demonstrate your love and power to a lost world. For we ask it in the name of the One who gave himself for us.

As we come together for this Good Friday prayer breakfast, we are especially conscious of your love for each one of us. In that love your Son died for us and has given us the gift of experiencing the happiness that comes when we share our lives with others. Help us realize that we learn of you through one another, and that we grow closer to you as we grow closer to one another. Help us to make your presence more evident by our concern for those around us. Finally, bless this food we are about to receive and our efforts to serve you.

Father in heaven, in the midst of a culture that often thanks you that it's Friday, we gather on this special day to thank you that it's Good Friday. From earliest times, before history was written, you set out to bring humankind into relationship with yourself. You called Abraham to be the father of a great nation. You rescued the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt. You sent prophets, judges, and other leaders to bring your people back to you. Now, on Good Friday, we see the perfect life of a Son, come that we might find life in all its abundance. He gives himself, stretches out his arms as if to enfold to his breast the whole world, and then prays for all to hear: "Father, forgive them." Father, we come this morning to claim that call to relationship. Good Friday shows us the cross by which we have been given life. It is the halfway house that leads to Easter's joy, mission, and courage. With St Francis, the day reminds us that it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Bless each of us here today, Father, with deeper faith and trust in your promises to us. Show us daily your great mercy and your unfailing love--and then involve us in getting under the burdens that crucify others, to help lift the loads they carry. In the name of the suffering servant who became Lord of Lords we pray.

Lord God, whose messenger among us was a man of sorrows and one acquainted with grief, by whose stripes we are healed: hear us on this Day of Sorrows as we pray for all who bear the burdens of grief through the loss of loved ones or through bitter disappoint-ment. Help them, O God, first by the knowledge that they do not carry their burdens alone, and then by the love that others bear them at the time of their trials. May all who sorrow know again that nothing in all creation can separate us from your love, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord, send your abundant blessing upon your people who devoutly recall the death of your Son in the sure hope of the resurrection. Grant us pardon; bring us comfort. May our faith grow stronger and our eternal salvation be assured. We worship you, Lord, we venerate your cross, we praise your resurrection. Through the cross you brought joy to the world. Holy is God! Holy and strong! Holy immortal One, have mercy on us! This is the wood of the cross, on which hung the Savior of the world. Come, let us worship. How splendid the cross of Christ! It brings life, not death; light, not darkness; Paradise, not its loss. It is the wood on which the Lord, like a great warrior, was wounded in hands and feet and side, but healed thereby our wounds. A tree had destroyed us, a tree now brought us life.