Memorial Day Prayers

O Almighty God, and most merciful Father, whose nature and whose name is love, as we give you thanks for the courage and the strength of those who gave their lives in battle, we would also remember before you those who have mourned them as their kindred. Look in mercy upon them, and as this day we remember those who have been lost, may it also bring a quickening in each of us of the sense of communion with the world unseen, and confirm our assurance of that great day when you shall restore to them their own in the very presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whose name we would pray.

Dear God, help us to remember the significance of a “Memorial Day” and pray indeed for the implements of war to be forged anew into the plowshares and pruning hooks of our great-grandchildren. This is our prayer that we offer in your Holy Name, in memory of those of the past and in the hope for a future of peace, O God our Father.

There was a time when people in small towns all across our land gathered in parks or cemeteries and heard the flowery oratory, felt the stirring marches, stood in silence at the crack of rifles and the haunting notes of taps that spoke an Amen to the list of local heroes while some elderly relative sat teary-eyed on the stand. We were there to remember our nation’s history and her heroes. But that is a part of another age. We don’t live in small towns anymore and high school bands no longer march five miles to stand among the graves of men they never knew. So why bother You with a prayer for Memorial Day. Because You know how badly we need a sense of both heritage and destiny, at least a hero or two we can call to mind, an event that stands out because it was the point at which those values, which nourish us, were preserved. We can be no greater than the men and women we most admire. So keep our memories alive with our gratitude and gratitude alive with faithfulness.

Lord our God, we give thanks to You for the great land of our birth with all its liberties and many blessings Today we especially give thanks for those who served their country in its hour of need, and for our fallen comrades, who have given their very lives in that service. May we never forget their sacrifice. Lord, watch over those military men and women on American and foreign soils this day, who knowing the real and potential dangers of their work, stand ready to preserve the cause of freedom with the devotion to duty and those who served before them. Grant Your continued Divine care over the family members who are called upon daily to watch and wave good-bye to their loved ones as they go to their duty as members of our nation’s Armed Forces. Honor their devotion and sacrifice. This prayer we offer in Thy Name.

Almighty God, today we offer our gratitude for all the men and women who have served their country in defense of freedom. For their sacrifice of time, talent and life, we pay them homage. Help all who have gathered here to remember those whose sense of dedication and patriotism led them to preserve the democratic way of life we enjoy. Enable us to follow their lead and do all that we can to further the cause of peace in the world. To this end we seek your blessing.

Almighty God we remember on this Memorial Day all your servants who have departed this life in the service of their country. We pray that having opened to them the gates of larger life, you will receive them more and more into your joyful service, that they may win with you and your servants everywhere the eternal victory. For us who are here, may the Lord bless us and keep us. May the Lord make his face to shine upon us and be gracious unto us. May the Lord lift his countenance upon us and give us peace now and forever more.

Father, we see our world with many faces--faces of peace and faces of war, faces of plenty and faces of want, faces of joy and faces of sadness. In times past, when the faces of courage and sacrifice were needed, we were blessed with men and women who offered their lives and did not doubt that it was right. Today, in this ceremony, we remember them. Help us, Lord, to show our gratitude by sharing the face of freedom with others. We can do no less for those who have done so much for us.

Father, our nation has marched toward its destiny to the cadence of soldiers tramping under the flag. When our nation has been drawn into war, our youth have given themselves to secure peace and freedom for the nation. We owe those who have fallen a debt we can never repay. We pray that there will never again be a need for our soldiers to march away to armed conflict. As our fallen comrades rest peacefully in their graves, may we be ever vigilant that their sacrifices not be in vain