Thanksgiving Prayers

Blessed be the Lord our God, who feeds the whole world with goodness, grace and mercy; whose loving kindness endures forever. Through your gracious love, we enjoy the bounty of this Thanksgiving Day. Nourish and sustain us with the food we eat and with the gift of your presence.

Heavenly Father, as Thanksgiving arrives, we think of the Pilgrims who sailed across a stormy ocean long ago, in search of religious freedom and a new opportunity for life. Early on they learned that faith in you, combined with hard work, is an unbeatable recipe for contentment. They were supreme realists. Centuries later, we are still pilgrims. Often forgetting the formula of faith and hard work, we wonder why life so often disappoints us. At our Thanksgiving feast, may we take a long, loving look at our lives, all stuffed with blessings, and then remember the source of all that is good. Make our holiday a time of true thanksgiving for all we have, and may we offer both a prayer and a hand to those who have less. In your holy name we pray.

Almighty God, we give you thanks for the goodness and loving kindness you have shown toward us. For the blessings you have given in the past and for the promise of your continued faithfulness, we thank you. For the blessings of life, we give you praise. More importantly, Lord, we thank you for the redemption you provided us in your word. We are prone to forget the source of our blessings. Help us, Lord, today to remember, and in remembering, to show forth our praise and thanksgiving not only with our lips, but with our lives. In your name we pray.

Gracious Master and our Lord, it is once again that we set the sails of the Mayflower reaffirming religious tolerance, seeking peace and prosperity, and giving thanks for thy most bountiful blessings. We pray that thou will blow the winds of purity and clean our ship of sin and evil. We pray that thou will send the navigational winds and continue to chart us in a godly direction. As our ship becomes old and tattered, we pray that thou will salvage but a small part, that it will serve to remind us of that first voyage and first Thanksgiving where the Pilgrims gathered their harvest, prepared, ate, and gave thanks unto thee for bringing them safe to shore and sustaining them over the long winter. Dear Father, bring us again to shore, bring us from the mountain of selfish abundance to the valley of sharing with the less fortunate; bring us from the great seas of arrogance to the small ponds of humility; and most of all, bring us from the ocean of uncertainty to safe shores in thy arms. Hear our prayer, dear Lord, and grant us thy peace.

Creating, ever-faithful, ever-giving, and ever-loving God, we gladly and gratefully gather to speak and sing your praise. On this Thanksgiving Sunday we are mindful of all that you have given us. We confess, however, that too often ours is only silent gratitude, which is of no use to you or to others. Thus we pray that we will be inspired anew intentionally and concretely to reflect and express our gratitude in what we say and in what we do, as did Jesus, the Christ, in whose spirit we pray.

Our Heavenly Father on this Thanksgiving Day, we pray that we may not be numb to the many blessings for which we ought to be thankful. Give us your gift of contentment, that we may not always waste our time desiring more, but learn to use, enjoy and be thankful for what we have. Bless us in all that is right and correct us in all that is wrong. Give life to our thankful and good intentions, lest they be stillborn. May our hearts now truly reflect thankfulness for the meal we are about to eat, the appetite which enables us to enjoy it, but most of all for you, the Provider of both.

Almighty God, you have abundantly blessed America and its people. We give you thanks for this great country and the liberty we enjoy. We give you thanks for forefathers with wisdom and a vision for freedom. We give you thanks for families and friends. May this Thanksgiving remind us of our past blessings, and may it cause us to recognize your work in our land today. Thank you for loving us and enabling us to work and produce the fruit of the land. We give thanks.

Our Heavenly Father, on this Thanksgiving Day, we pause to praise thy name, accept our humble thanks for all 4thy blessings. Help us to be aware of all that thou hast done for us through the offer of thy grace and the extension of thy provision and providence. We ask for a continuance and an enlargement of the mercies thou has already shown to us, for we acknowledge our need and dependence upon thee. Shed thy light upon all those in the armed forces who defend our freedom, preserve our heritage, and live and die for peace in our world. Comfort those who may be away from home on this day; yet, assure them not only of the presence of love from home but also from thee. Bless this day we reserve and this food we eat for the good and glory of thy wonderful and matchless name.