Veteran's Day Prayers

Almighty God, the cause of liberty is yours. It is likewise the cause of those who have defended it against tyranny and oppression. Remembering the veterans who have served in America's Armed Forces, we give you thanks. We are grateful that you inspired their sense of patriotism and strengthened them in unselfish service. Their courage and vigilance insured the freedom and peace we enjoy today. Grant, we pray, O Lord, to each of them a generous portion of your grace and to America, our native land, your blessing.

Eternal God, on this Veteran's Day, we are reminded of a tiny cemetery far across the sea where snow-capped Himalayas pierce the sky. In those mountains is a small grave marker on which are written these words: “When you go home, tell them of us and say, we gave all our tomorrows that you might have today.” And so we pause to remember those brave warriors and others like them who gave their tomorrows for the ideals we value today--the ideals of freedom, justice and peace. How many pilots have been lost? How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? How many sailors died at sea that we might have today? Perhaps we will never fully know the number, but they are known to you, O God, and we ask your mercy that they might be held tightly in your hand and covered with your grace. Renew our spirits and grant us strength to serve you and our country with pride and courage. Comfort those who have lost loved ones in the cause of peace. Equip each of us to persevere and make right the wrong. Prepare us for that time when the last trumpet will sound, when the last flag will be folded, when the last salute has been given, when all the tomorrows have given way to today.

Gracious God, our heavenly Father, we want honestly to thank you for the blessings you have entrusted to our use. So many of them came so repetitiously that we live as if they were just part of the normal scheme of life. When we stop and think, we know that isn't so. We do thank you for the life we have today. We thank you for friends, family and the freedoms which have been given to us. On this occasion we offer up special prayers of thanksgiving for those who sacrificed much for us. Many actually gave their lives so that we might live in freedom; and we pray that our appreciation might lead us to live thankful lives distinguished by responsibility. We do not pretend to appreciate fully the pain, loneliness and suffering they and their families endured. But we thank you for your love which defies all attempts of description. We entrust to your loving care all those who have preceded us into your presence. And we pray that we, the living, might also entrust ourselves to you, daily seeking your wisdom and direction, in our lives everyday. In the spirit of these prayers, we commit this day and our lives to you.

Heavenly Father, in all things you call us to remember. We remember your promise to Abraham, your action in the lives of the prophets and Israel, and your grace and promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Now we gather to remember those who once were our comrades-in-arms and now rest in you. May we always hold dear the striving for peace, the will of duty and the faith in you for which they lived. By your grace, continue to be with us in order that one day we may never again face war. Be with us that your children will all live in peace and in faith toward you.

O Gracious God, on this Veteran’s Day we give thanks to those who've shown the way of freedom and justice by giving their all in heeding your eternally triumphant call. Now, as we honor our courageous and brave may we follow your way that for us you pave. Though our trials be different, our adventures quite varied, we honor our veterans, who before us you've carried. Though many may see no more of tomorrow they've lived not in vain, nor in tragic sorrow but rather in peace. They've won the real prize to new dawns, with you, their souls do arise. They've defended this land with dignity and pride on the wings of eagles and angels. They ride to be near to you, creator and friend, as examples of life without end.

O Almighty God and most wonderful Father, today we remember all service members who have served their country with distinction. We recall their courage and strength and dedication. We ask your protection for those who actively serve you today. Grant eternal life to those who have passed from this world and grant perseverance to those still serving. This we ask in your holy name.

Dear Father you who were known by the ancients as the Lord of Hosts, we bring you thanks for the host whom we honor today. We thank you, Father, for your power and for the lives of those which you have empowered in the service of our nation. For all of the men and women who have given of their time, their honor, and even of their lives for the sake of freedom, we offer praise and thanksgiving. It was through their efforts and your grace that we persist in our freedom. We pray today, Father, that we might live to see a time when there will be no need for others to be known as “veterans." We pray for the peace of our nation and of the world. We ask that you be gracious to all of those serving now, wherever they are in this world. We pray your blessings in their lives as we now honor them and those who went before. May all who have served and who do serve find peace and strength through your power and their faith.

Gracious Father, we come into your presence asking that you bless this worship service in which we seek to pay tribute to our veterans - past and present - for their many contributions to the freedom we enjoy today. But Lord, most of all we want to pay tribute to you, our Almighty Father, for we know that it is by your decree that nations rise and fall. Open our eyes, O Lord, so that no matter how alone we may feel, that like Elisha’s servant in the long ago, we may look around us and see that we are surrounded by chariots of fire and an army more powerful than any on the face of the earth. To your great and holy name we give thanks for the freedom we enjoy - a freedom which allows us to worship you even now. For it is in the name of our Lord that we pray.

Our God, and God of our ancestors, as we look backward on this Veterans Day, let us recognize the dedication of those men and women who served our Armed Forces before us. Help us to make their sacrifices for freedom our guide in our daily duties. Uphold high the standard of service they set so that we will do our best each day.

Father, we give thanks to you for the courage and sacrifice of the men and women of the Armed Forces. It has been through their dedication to duty and your bounty that our country has continued to remain free. As we celebrate this particular day of emphasis in our country we come to realize that you are the one who has given to us courageous individuals to lead and to serve in our military forces, and for that we are thankful and grateful.